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June 16, 2010
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SOLE E LUNA by darksilvania SOLE E LUNA by darksilvania
Hi everybody, here I bring you a couple of new fake evolutions, this time is the turn of LUNATONE and SOLROCK

-SATELLORD (Satellite-Lord)
-Moon Spirit Pokemon
-Ability: Gravitational Field
-Evolves from LUNATONE via Moon Stone
-"This Pokemon is believed to be a sentient part of a distant moon, which came to life after years of exposure to cosmic energies. This pokemon is gentle in nature and his powers seem to be affected by the moon phases."
-Signature Move: Cheshire Moon- Dark- PP/5- Power/120- Acc. /75.

-ASTRODON (Astros-Don)
-Sun Spirit Pokemon
-Ability: Gravitational Field
-Evolves from SOLROCK via Sun Stone
-"This pokemon is supposed to come from a distant sun, born from the core of the raging star after a very violent cosmic explosion. This pokemon is aggressive and with a fiery temper. His powers grow stronger during daytime."
-Signature Move: Solar Flare- Fire- PP/5- Power/120- Acc. /75


-Gravitational Field-
-Inside Battle Effect: This ability is a mix of the Move "Gravity" and the ability "Levitate", its kind of an upgrade of the "Levitate" ability. This ability allows the user to be immune to ground attacks and also cancels other pokemons levitate ability, Making them vulnerable to Ground attacks again. Also, Flying pokemons are vulnerable to ground moves too. But not all is good. This ability also works like general "lightning road" ability, and when in a double battle, all attacks will be redirected to this abilities’ owner. You'll have to rise there defenses a lot to counteract this.
-Outside Battle Effect: This ability, also, has an outside battle effect. If you have a pokemon with this ability as your first pokemon, his gravitational field will attract rock based items from the environment, like evolutionary stones, wheatear affecting rocks, etc., so you'll have to check this pokemon once in a while to see if he got something good.

-Cheshire Moon: a 2 turns attack. In the first turn, the pokemon gathers energy and starts shining. In the second, the pokemon turns all black and a huge Smile-looking Moon appears (like the smile of the Cheshire cat), just to become a huge mouth that bites the opponent with vicious force.

-Solar Flare: another 2 turns attack. In the first turn, the pokemon gather energy and start shinning red. In the second turn, the pokemon explodes in a huge raging fire, with fire-beams shooting in all directions; it can be aimed properly due to the violent explosion.


Well, too much of an explanation, hope you like it
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MelodyXIV Jul 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Awesome :D
FionaDevil May 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i like you style art!
wow you made lunatone cool looking.
Poemonfanzo Dec 1, 2012  Student Filmographer
Looks almost like something from Portal.
Wouldn't it make more sense if Satellord was Rock/DARK?
Can i use it for my remake of Ruby/sapphire,please?
sattelords head looks like a portal
CrazyJae2 Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
For a bit I thought the Solrock one was a Rotom evo. But still, good job.
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