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August 13, 2009
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Fighting Dolls V.2.0 by darksilvania Fighting Dolls V.2.0 by darksilvania
Remake of my fighting doll pokemon with all and decriptions

236-MANIONG (Mannequim-Jong)
-Metal Dummy Pokemon
-"Tradition says this pokemon born from a training doll who developed his own fighting will after many years of being used for training. This pokemon trains very hard to become a real master in martial arts, sometimes using training items to improves his streghts. Depending the item, this pokemon can master diferent fighting styles."

-Power Kick Pokemon
-Evolves from MANIONG at lv. 20 while holding "Heavy Stockings"
-Ability: Iron Foot-Kick based attacks gain more power, This pokemon doesnt receive damage if he fails Jump Kick or Hi Jump Kick.
-"After many years training with heavy metal stockings, this pokemon has mastered a battling style where only his feet are used. His legs has became incredibly strong, giving him incredible speed and agility, as he can make incredibly hig leaps. Neverthless, as it only trained his feet, his arms are very weak."

-Power Punch Pokemon
-Evolves from MANIONG at lv. 20 while holding "Heavy Gauntlets"
-Ability: Iron Punch
-"By using heavy metal gauntlets, this pokemon has mastered an only fist-fighting style of battle, with incredibly strong arms capable of giving iron-fist punches at blinding speeds. His punches are said to be able to pierce trough a metal plate, but after only training his arms, his lengs are weak, so he has a lack of speed."

237-ROTONZE (Rotation-Bronze)
-Rapid Spin Pokemon
-Evolves from MANIONG at lv. 20 while holding "Torsion Belt"
-Ability: Centriforce-Phisical attacks get a power boost, and when it is hitted by phisical attacks only receives half the damage.
-"After using a very complicated system of belts, this pokemon mastered a unique fighting style where he spins at high speeds, incresing both his ofensive and defensive powers, along side whit his speed. But althought this style makes his phisical attacks very powerful, he looses acuraccy for nos phisical attacks."


This pokemons are based in the Muk Yan Jong, but only in the main idea, because they dont look anyway like the real ones, only in the name that means "wooden man post", but more they seems to be related to the Ching Jong, who means "Balanced dummy"

hope you like this new versions
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this is a remake of 4 pokemon hitmonchan, hitmonlee, hitmontop, and tyrogue
Chichi1212 Aug 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
A pretty damn good one!
These are some of my favorites!
I guessed that you used the concepts of hitmonlee, hitmonchan, hitmontop, and kyroge
Tyrogue not Kyogre
Khemia-Dragon Sep 23, 2012
all the powermon are replaces... [link]
reminds me of tyrouge and the hitmon's
Reminds me of the Tyrogue and Hitmon- evos.
84pokedude Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
steeleg = steel - leg
metalarm = metal - arm
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